How to quickly repair energy after a concussion or stroke

Uncategorized Dec 09, 2021

The use of natural components and nutrients to improve energy levels faster (check with your doctor first !)


When you are dealing with the aftermath of a concussion or stroke it is very likely that you have lower levels of energy and experience much more fatigue than you used to.

Several mechanisms are underlying the fatigue and energy crisis that you are experiencing. In previous blogs, we described mechanisms as:

  • Neurovascular uncoupling affects blood flow to the brain and interrupts the cognitive function
  • Neuroinflammation where the immune system of the head is on alert and causes brain fog and inability to think
  • Energy crisis in the energy factories of your cells, the so-called mitochondria
  • The stress system goes on alert mode all the time, which disrupts the normal vagal tone
  • Disrupted hormone and neurotransmitter levels


Next to these, factors such as disruption of the blood-brain barrier, gut-brain axis and increases in low-grade inflammation...

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Fatigue After Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI, Stroke) by Arjan Kuipers

Arjan Kuipers explains in this video about fatigue after traumatic brain injury (TBI) & Stroke.





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Arm swing is important

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2020

Why arm swing is so important for your arm recovery after stroke.

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How Linda got rid of her drop foot

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2020

How Linda got rid of her drop foot

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What doesnโ€™t kill me....

Uncategorized May 18, 2020

What doesn’t kill me....

The two strokes that I experienced changed everything. The beliefs I had of myself and the world were thrown upside down. For the better, I can say now! After hitting rock bottom, I went on a self-examination tour. I took a good look at myself. I did not like what I saw. Besides the visible aftermath of my strokes, I saw a sleepless workaholic that put too much value on extrinsic values. Following this realization, I decided that things had to change. I started reading and listening to hundreds of books and research papers. I compiled what I learned from reading into a “trial and error” toolbox. This toolbox, created mostly of new habits, allowed me to put theory into practice and helped to recover this far and I became a better person through the process, which I'm most proud of.

Why do I give my audiobook away for free?
I must be, the LEAST commercially oriented person you know...

That might be true...
(But I don’t care).

I have a...

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Get More Energy After Stroke or Brain Injury

after stroke recovery May 01, 2020

Why the drop in energy after stroke and brain injury?

Your energy factories

What can you do?

Avoid toxins

Improve gut function

Practice good nutrition

Manage stress

Practice hormesis


Energy is often a big issue when you are recovering from stroke or brain injury. By the end of this post, you will have the tools to increase energy levels from today on. You will also learn about hormesis, an out-of-the-box way to increase energy levels (that almost no one knows about).


Why the drop in energy after stroke
and brain injury?

First, your brain is no longer working optimally. Your brain takes a lot of energy. And it takes even more energy when it repairs and recovers (1).

 Second, your whole body is in fight-or-flight. Your sympathetic nervous system kicks in after brain injury and stroke, and usually does not settle down. That takes a lot of energy. Your energy factories, the mitochondria, are hugely affected. This affects your energy levels the most.

 Your brain...

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Improving Drop Foot After Stroke

drop foot after stroke Jun 08, 2019

Today’s post is a masterclass on improving foot drop after stroke. In it, we’ll discuss the following:

  •  Introduction
  • What is foot drop? Why do we have a foot drop after a stroke?
  • What is the first strategy after stroke when dealing with foot drop?
  • Passive Activities
  • Active Activities
  • Examples of Passive and Active Strategies
  • Best Practice for Foot Drop
  • The Ultimate Strategy for Foot Drop
  • Advanced Neuroplastic Strategies After Foot Drop




Many of you (perhaps up to 25%-40%) will deal with foot drop, especially after a middle cerebral artery stroke.

The middle cerebral artery supplies an area of the brain in charge of leg motor control. It also supplies parts of the somatosensory map that deal with information coming back from the body as well as control over the body.


While cerebellar strokes can have an influence on ankle and foot function, it’s usually after a middle cerebral artery stroke that you see a foot drop. And in...

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