Three-Years Post Stroke

I wouldn’t change this past year for anything.

It was awesome!
I have found my “ikigai” (that’s a Japanese word which means, “the reason to get up in the morning”).

I have become more aware, centered, happier, appreciative of what life has to offer, and more authentic in my approach to life.

One of the most critical factors in my recovery was making a new friend, a Functional Neurologist named Arjan Kuipers. Within his practice of over 28 years, he has witnessed the ability of some patients to have even MORE recovery than initially predicted. This additional recovery was possible even years after a stroke or TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). We have hit it off very well and become friends.

If you remember the message that I posted for the Two Years Post-Stroke Anniversary, I mentioned that I was “struggling with my spasticity in my arm.”
Arjan designed some exercises for me as a ‘test run’ – and within ten...

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