What doesn’t kill me....

Uncategorized May 18, 2020

What doesn’t kill me....

The two strokes that I experienced changed everything. The beliefs I had of myself and the world were thrown upside down. For the better, I can say now! After hitting rock bottom, I went on a self-examination tour. I took a good look at myself. I did not like what I saw. Besides the visible aftermath of my strokes, I saw a sleepless workaholic that put too much value on extrinsic values. Following this realization, I decided that things had to change. I started reading and listening to hundreds of books and research papers. I compiled what I learned from reading into a “trial and error” toolbox. This toolbox, created mostly of new habits, allowed me to put theory into practice and helped to recover this far and I became a better person through the process, which I'm most proud of.

Why do I give my audiobook away for free?
I must be, the LEAST commercially oriented person you know...

That might be true...πŸ˜‰
(But I don’t care).

I have a bigger goal with all this. To help as many stroke survivors as possible to recover further.

I care about you and I don’t want you listen to the naysayers.

There is a revolution in neuroplasticity, but I’m afraid that the naysayers don’t know it (yet). They think, that the brain is more or less static. But recent research tells otherwise, and my story also proves them wrong: they call me a medical miracle. (but that’s not true).

I am not fully recovered yet, but I’m fully going for it!

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Biohacker Linda

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