Discover how Linda beat the odds after a massive stroke in "Stroke Rebel"

This is the remarkable true story of an ex-model and entrepreneur who suffered a massive stroke at a young age, and fought her way back. It is also a blue print for anyone that suffered a stroke or brain injury and cannot accept that recovery stops after a certain period. 


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Review of professor Steineck

This book has the potential to change life for a stroke survivor. Linda Rådestad had a major stroke in her forties. She was told she could not improve her speech or motion beyond what was achieved six months after the stroke. Without a medical background, she started to read scientific articles and books. When she found out that the six-month statement was not evidence-based she went from hopelessness to a firm conviction to prove the prognosis to be wrong. And now, three years after the stroke, she is still improving, her speech and motion are getting better and better. Her reading resulted in a 72 pages long reference list in the book – a gold mine for any stroke survivor who wants to know more about what causes a stroke and what kind of rehabilitation that can be done.

The strength of this book includes the report from when she contracted the stroke and the weeks thereafter. Linda Rådestad was more or less speechless at the time but describes astonishingly well vivid memories from these days. Another strength of the book is her home-made rehabilitation program, it is ambitious and she describes how it evolved from her reading scientific articles and books and discussions with experts in the field.

Linda Rådestad is a non-medical stroke survivor calling herself a biohacker. The reader of this book can check every statement in the reference list. The references distinguish this book from many other books that have suggestions on what to do to improve prospects in life. I can warmly recommend this book to stroke survivors and also to next-of-kin who want to support a stroke survivor in his or her rehabilitation.

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