Improving Drop Foot After Stroke

drop foot after stroke Jun 08, 2019

Today’s post is a masterclass on improving foot drop after stroke. In it, we’ll discuss the following:

  •  Introduction
  • What is foot drop? Why do we have a foot drop after a stroke?
  • What is the first strategy after stroke when dealing with foot drop?
  • Passive Activities
  • Active Activities
  • Examples of Passive and Active Strategies
  • Best Practice for Foot Drop
  • The Ultimate Strategy for Foot Drop
  • Advanced Neuroplastic Strategies After Foot Drop




Many of you (perhaps up to 25%-40%) will deal with foot drop, especially after a middle cerebral artery stroke.

The middle cerebral artery supplies an area of the brain in charge of leg motor control. It also supplies parts of the somatosensory map that deal with information coming back from the body as well as control over the body.


While cerebellar strokes can have an influence on ankle and foot function, it’s usually after a middle cerebral artery stroke that you see a foot drop. And in...

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