Interview with Linda’s son: how he experienced his mother’s severe stroke

Uncategorized May 12, 2019

During the last two days of our business trip, we went to see my son Maarten de Vries in Boston, Massachusetts. He is finishing his sophomore year at Harvard University, where he studies Neuroscience. 

I’m enormously proud of him, and sometimes I smile and ask myself “how did he come out of my belly?” But it’s not the fact that he got into a prestigious university that I admire most.

I’m most proud of his calmness, kindness and stoic attitude in life. In fact, after my stroke, he took a gap year to take care of me.

Five months post-stroke, I was living at home again but needed to go to the rehab center daily, and Maarten drove me there every day. I am so grateful for that!

Moreover, Maarten introduced me to Stoic philosophy, which helped me a lot during my recovery.

I urge you to watch this short video, in which Maarten offers one piece of advice for caregivers, which are often forgotten but very important in stroke rehabilitation.


P.S. The books that Maarten mentions:

1. Why we sleep, Matthew Walker

2. Doing good better, William MacAskill

The other book by Ryan Holiday, The obstacle is the way. On stoicism.


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